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I'm Hip Hop Hannah, I like glitter & bling, havin' fun and playin' games THAT'S MY THING!


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Thanks for stopping by. I'm Hip Hop Hannah aka Eara Nimmers. Have a look around my website:


Hip Hop Hannah “The Children's Entertainer” does:

  • Facepaint & Hair Color
  • Make up
  • Karaoke
  • Braids with Beads
  • Crafts (Design and Make bracelets, necklaces, hats, gym bags, t-shirts...)
  • Catered Raps to fit your occasion
  • Lead games and give Prizes
  • Teach the latest hip hop line dances
  • Teach cheers
  • I bring all of the items needed for your special event!



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May 4, 2013

Name:Mary Shukers
The boys just had there faces painted at the African American Museum andloved it You are so patient with the kids(and parents)and do a greatjob. Thanks so much!!! 

Christie Nesteby(Tuesday, April 03 12 11:15 am EDT)

Hip Hop Hannah actually did my daughter's party three years in a row I believe!! She LOVED it so much and all her friends loved Hip Hop Hannah as well! The best part for them was the face painting and the beads. I just wish she would stay young forever but my little girl is growing up!! I highly recommend doing this for girls up to 10 years old they just love it!! Taylor's mom Christie!

Jill(Sunday, April 01 12 04:01 pm EDT)

You are amazing and everyone had a great time you gave her an amzazing birthday thank you! Marley's mom, Jill